Dave Grohl: Taylor Swift “Saved My Ass” At A Paul McCartney Party

Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters guested on The Late Late Show, and during the interview segment, James Corden asked Grohl about his relationship to Paul McCartney. (Corden’s newest Carpool Karaoke features McCartney.) Grohl talked about being a little kid and learning how to play guitar by listening to Beatles records, and shared that he still gets nervous whenever he jams with McCartney.

Grohl went on to tell a story about a time he attended a party at McCartney’s house. During the party, McCartney sat down at the piano and played a new song to the delight of everyone in attendance. When he was finished, the audience asked that Grohl plays something. Grohl, who doesn’t know how to play piano, panicked. But then, out of nowhere, Taylor Swift stood up and said: “I’ll do a song!”

“She saved my ass,” Grohl said. “She gets up and she starts playing this song and it sounds familiar and I’m kind of a little bit out of it and I’m looking at my wife like ‘I know this song what is this song.'” As it turns out, Swift was playing Foo Fighters’ “Best Of You.”

You can watch Grohl tell the story and check out Foo Fighters’ performance of “Best Of You” below.