Stream Self Defense Family’s New Album Have You Considered Punk Music?

Stream Self Defense Family’s New Album Have You Considered Punk Music?

The members of Self Defense Family, the loose Albany-based collective, all came up through punk and hardcore. And for more than a decade, they’ve been using Self Defense Family to push those sounds in jagged, expressionist, unconventional directions. In sound and ethos, Self Defense Family’s records recall the things that were coming out of Washington, DC shortly after that city’s hardcore scene went through its Revolution Summer chrysalis period. But SDF are heavier, more tangled, and more specific in their clatter.

On Friday, Self Defense Family will release their new album, the excellently titled Have You Considered Punk Music. The band spent two weeks together in the studio recording the album — a sprint by many artists’ standards, but a languid retreat for this band. It’s the longest they’ve ever had to polish one of their records, and you can hear a new expansiveness in the music, which makes room for piano and horns and strings.

We’ve posted a couple of early songs, the title track and “The Supremacy Of Pure Artistic Feeling.” And right now, you can stream the entire clangorous, contemplative, thoughtful record below.

Have You Considered Punk Music is out 6/29 on Run For Cover.

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