DJ MUGGS & MF DOOM – “Assassination Day” (Feat. Kool G Rap)

Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs will debut a new album called Assassination Day in August. It’ll be released in individual chapters and Muggs worked with different MCs on each one. Rappcats says the album is “a thematic album with a vigilante concept where hip-hop takes corruption head-on, figuratively killing off powerful evildoers in positions of power as the story unfolds.” The first chapter features MF Doom and last week we heard the A-side “Death Wish,” which featured Freddie Gibbs.

The B-side of the MUGGS X DOOM chapter is “Assassination Day” and it features the legendary Kool G Rap. The production on this thing is murky and lethal and it’s easy to imagine someone stalking the streets of Gotham as it plays in the background. Listen below.

Assassination Day is out 8/3.