Watch The National Play New Songs “Quiet Light” & “So Far, So Fast”

Big week for Croatia! Not only is their men’s national soccer team playing England in a World Cup semifinal today (2PM ET on Fox), their nation also saw the National open their set in Zagreb. I’ll leave it to the good people of Croatia to decide which is a bigger deal.

The National songs are called “Quiet Light” and “So Far, So Fast.” As Brooklyn Vegan points out, they were the first two tunes the band played during their headlining set at Šalata last night. They both sound very much like National songs, and very good National songs at that.

Both songs had their debut last weekend at Eaux Claires, where the National’s set was apparently one of the highlights — not surprising news for anyone who’s seen them live lately. On the Eaux Claires setlist they were listed under different names, “Deluge” and “Long Pond.” The band has also been playing a new song called “Light Years” ever since their Homecoming Festival in Cincinnati back in April.

The National’s two-day festival at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens is coming up this September.

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