Guided By Voices – “You Own The Night”

Guided By Voices – “You Own The Night”

Robert Pollard vowed to only release one new Guided By Voices album in 2018 and dedicate the rest of the year to touring, and that album, the recent Space Gun, has already come and gone. But that doesn’t mean that the legendarily prolific indie-rock institution is slacking off, or even slowing down — as it turns out Guided By Voices already have two albums in the can, one set for release in 2019 and one for 2020.

While we won’t get to hear the full albums for a while yet, that doesn’t mean that we’re not getting anything. Next week, Pollard is offering a preview in the form of a new 7″ single containing two new songs, “You Own The Night” and “Your Cricket Is Rather Unique.” The former comes from the band’s forthcoming double album Zeppelin Over China, which is coming out in February 2019, and the latter is pulled from the February 2020 release Street Party.

The 7″ single, limited to just 1000 copies with only 300 going to retail, is out 7/20. And today, Pollard and co. have shared the a-side “You Own The Night,” an anthemic, deeply melodic, classic GBV rocker. Listen below.

The “You Own The Night” b/w “Your Cricket Is Rather Unique” 7″ is out 7/20 on Rockathon Records. Pre-order it here.

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