The Internet – “La Di Da”

Next week, the Internet will finally unveil their new album Hive Mind. It’s their first collective effort since 2015’s Ego Death, and it’s arriving to a great deal of anticipation thanks to the solo endeavors of the group’s various members during the interim, particularly Syd’s Fin and Steve Lacy starting to pop up everywhere.

It’s also arriving to a great deal of anticipation given the quality of what we’ve heard so far. The Internet first teased Hive Mind with the addicting, stoned daydream grooves of “Roll (Burbank Funk).” Upon officially announcing the album, the group then shared the sinuous R&B jam “Come Over.” These new songs proved we should be taking the name Hive Mind seriously: As gifted as the Internet members might be individually, something special happens when they come back together and play off one another as a unit. As Matt Martians put it in an interview with Beats 1 earlier this year: “Ego Death was the death of all our individual egos and now it’s like we’re one group ego … Hive Mind is basically one mind. Five people with one mind.”

So with one week to go, the Internet’s given us one more taste of what to expect in the form of “La Di Da.” It’s another funky one, with some melted wah-wah guitars and a breezy yet locked-in beat. More importantly, it sounds effortless, emphasizing how well the Internet play together. Similarly, it takes little effort to love “La Di Da,” especially when you consider all the aimless July drives it should/will soundtrack; it’s so damn perfect that this album is coming out right in the middle of summer. Check out the new song below.

Hive Mind is out 7/20 via Columbia.

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