Vacation – “Deflector Head”

Poppy Cincinnati punks Vacation have an album called Mouth Sounds #2699 on the way. We shared its lead single “Action Road” a few months back, and with the release looming at the end of this month, it’s time to check back in with another advance track.

Apparently I described “Action Road” as “two minutes of raw energy and attitude, filled with thunderous drumming and raucous, cranked up guitars” — that’s not so far off in the case of “Deflector Head,” either. But what stands out most to me in this case is how Vacation seem to be holding back with all their might to contain this explosive energy and then, at the exactly right moment, letting it rip.

In other words, “Deflector Head” lives up to the group’s self-declared “GRIT POP” descriptor. The track chugs ahead with combustible energy, its incessant chords and drumbeat often flaring up into classic-rock fist-pump power moves. Vacation have toured with the Breeders, Screaming Females, and the Black Lips, and that list ought to help you triangulate what’s going on here. Or consider it Tom Petty by way of Exploding Hearts. Or just press play and let your endorphins flow.

Mouth Sounds #2699 is out 7/27 on Let’s Pretend Records. Pre-order it here.

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