Stream Ovlov’s First New Album In Five Years, Tru

Ovlov are a band, seemingly, because they need to be. After the Connecticut-bred crew released their debut album in 2013, they went through as series of breakups and offshoots — including Steve Hartlett’s Stove side project — but the band always ended up back together. That must mean there’s something special about the bond these members share, and their follow-up album, Tru, spent five years in the making and feels like it. It’s a weary and concise album, one that you could imagine taking a long time to nail exactly right.

The band’s wheezing, fuzz-filled soundscape feel considered and concise, and Hartlett’s wry worldview sneaks through in every note. The band has always felt like light-hearted dudes grappling with a dark-hearted world, and Tru sags with the weight of how much harder life gets as you get older. We’ve heard a handful of tracks from it already, including “Spright” and “Short Morgan,” and now you can stream the entire album below.

Tru is out 7/20 via Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.

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