Stream DRAM’s Surprise EP That’s A Girl’s Name

Stream DRAM’s Surprise EP That’s A Girl’s Name

The endlessly charming Virginian R&B howler DRAM hasn’t released an album since his proper 2016 debut Big Baby D.R.A.M., but he’s been staying busy regardless. He’s a constant feature in the rap-hook-singer roundtable, he released a truly endearing Christmas EP called #1HappyHoliday last year, and he more recently came out with a truly excellent Diplo collab called “Look Back.” Today, out of nowhere, he’s come out with three very, very good new songs.

DRAM’s new EP That’s A Girl’s Name is out in the world now, and its three songs all play like deeply goofy and fun takes on ’80s soul. “WWYD?” has dizzily canned horns and a great little cocktail-bar piano lope, as well as some beautifully amateurish rapping from DRAM. “Best Hugs” is a shimmery adult-contempo synth-glide. And “Sundress,” the best song of the three, is a warped Prince-influenced pant with a truly nasty bassline.

DRAM recorded all three songs with producers Josh Abraham and Ogilee, and they all sound like they could be products of a truly productive recording session. While the instrumentals are all slick as hell, the clear draw is DRAM, who sings like a gospel-trained Biz Markie. Check out all three tracks below.

The That’s A Girl’s Name EP is out now on Atlantic/EMPIRE.

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