Menace Beach – “Crawl In Love”

Punchy, poppy Leeds psych duo Menace Beach are releasing a new album, intriguingly titled Black Rainbow Sound, at the end of the summer. They alerted us to this fact by sharing the title track, which features the Fall’s Brix Smith, and now they’ve further stoked our interest with another new tune called “Crawl In Love.”

The track begins with a distorted squeal and a incessant synthesized pulse, building from there into a towering swell of dense keyboard and guitar sounds. The groove is strong with this one. In a press release, Menace Beach’s Ryan Needham calls it “the most unabashed, chock-full of joy song we’ve ever written… it came to us at a time when the endless horror of these times seemed to be really upping its game on a daily basis.”

He’s right. “Crawl In Love” is a true endorphin rush — not unlike getting submerged in a tidal wave of positive vibes. Treat yourself to it below.

Black Rainbow Sound is out 8/31 on Memphis Industries. Pre-order it here.

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