Menace Beach – “Black Rainbow Sound” (Feat. Brix Smith)

Leeds duo Menace Beach have just announced that they’ll release their third album, Black Rainbow Sound, at the end of the summer. It’s their follow-up to Lemon Memory, which came out early last year, and judging by its lead single and title track, they’ve expanded their sound quiet a bit. They keep the woozy disassociation that marked their earlier music but most of the fuzz gives way to a more airy environment.

“Black Rainbow Sound” and one other track on their upcoming album features Brix Smith, best known as being a member of the fall. She’s currently fronting Brix & The Extricated along with some other ex-Fall members, and she also linked up with Menace Beach. “The synchronicity of the universe just forced us and Brix together,” the band explains in a press release. “The very day l finished reading her biography she played us on her BBC 6music show along with a wonderfully out-there monologue of how the song made her feel. I said thanks, we got chatting and it went from there. She’s a burning comet of positive energy.”

Listen to the first single from the album below.

01 “Black Rainbow Sound” (Feat. Brix Smith)
02 “Satellite”
03 “Crawl In Love”
04 “Tongue”
05 “Mutator”
06 “8000 Molecules”
07 “Hypnotiser Keeps The Ball Rolling”
08 “Holy Crow”
09 “Watermelon”
10 “(Like) Rainbow Juice” (Feat. Brix Smith)

Black Rainbow Sound is out 8/31 via Memphis Industries. Pre-order it here.