Archers Of Loaf Plan First New Music In 20 Years

Nineties indie-rock kings Archers Of Loaf reunited in 2011 and have continued to play sporadically — most recently in 2015, when they toured in support of the live double album Curse Of The Loaf — but they haven’t released any new music since 1998’s White Trash Heroes. Instead, frontman Eric Bachmann, who also leads Crooked Fingers, began recording more mellow material and focusing on his solo career. His sophomore solo album No Recover is coming out in September, but in a new interview with Exclaim!, he reveals that Archers Of Loaf are actually planning their first new music in 20 years.

After being told by a doctor that he would damage his voice if he kept screaming, smoking, and drinking, Bachmann changed his lifestyle and adopted a more gentle vocal style after Archers Of Loaf’s heyday in the ’90s. And when the band reunited and started touring again over a decade later, he adapted his approach to singing. “It came out of my stomach instead of my throat, so it was more sustainable and more rewarding,” he explains. “Back in the day, I would sing two shows and my voice would be shot for the rest of tour. With this, I sang with more air and support from my stomach and diaphragm, I didn’t really lose my voice, which was great and makes me want to do more of it, if we can write more music. I really enjoyed it. I’d like to do more of it.”

The rest of the band seem to on board with the idea, too. “Oh yeah, everybody wants to do it — I just have to write the songs,” Bachman adds. “I’m not going to give them the mellow stuff, but I do have other songs that would be good for a guitar-bass-drums setup, I just haven’t finished them. But Eric Johnson, the guitar player for Archers, plays all of the electric guitar on my new album and we’ve never done that before. I’m a fan of his guitar playing and we talked about doing more Archers songs when we recorded this stuff and he said, ‘Just let me know man.'”

Bachmann says he’s already started writing. “I have, it’s happening. Nothing’s easy, but it’s slow because I have a kid,” he laughs. “I had an explosion of ideas after my son was born and that became this new record and it happened quite easily. And all the other stuff I was working on — the Archers stuff, trying to make another new record [of my own] — it’s all coming out sideways and I have to sift through it. But it’s not an impossible thing for me to sit down and write a song for the Archers. I’ve got a few ideas that are working.”

Bachmann’s No Recover is out 9/7 via Merge Records, and who knows — maybe a new Archers Of Loaf record won’t be too far behind.