Outside Lands Announces On-Site Cannabis Experience (But No Sampling Or Purchasing)

Outside Lands Festival will invade San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park again this year from 8/10-12. Headliners include Janet Jackson, Florence + The Machine, and the Weeknd. The fest caters to more than just music fans by bringing in top-notch food vendors and other “experiences” for attendees to enjoy. For example, there’s a zone called “Wine Lands” that celebrates local wine from Napa and Sonoma. Today, organizers announced that they will have a new zone set up this year called “Grass Lands” in celebration of California’s recent legalization of marijuana.

According to a release, “Grass Lands” will allow festivalgoers to “embrace and engage” with cannabis culture. Unfortunately, “embracing and engaging” with cannabis doesn’t actually translate to “purchasing and consuming” cannabis. There won’t be any weed products available on-site, but there will be a delivery company rep available to field questions about off-site delivery. Cannabis product specialists will also be on hand to teach curious folks about the various weed-infused things one can purchase once they’re not actually at the festival.

Outside Lands will be the first major US festival to offer a curated educational area like “Grass Lands.” We will presumably be seeing more of this in the years to come as more states vote to legalize marijuana.