Doe – “Heated” Video

Doe are a London-based trio. They released their debut album, Some Things Last Longer Than You, in 2016, and today the band has announced its follow-up, Grow Into It, which will be out in September. Both album titles have to do with the passage of time, whether in the absence of someone or the blossoming into something else.

“Heated,” their sophomore album’s lead single,” bangs and knocks around like the awkward growing pains that come with learning to take responsibility for yourself. “I had time to think it through/ And I no longer think for you,” Nicola Leel sings, the band alternating between snarling zig-zags and smooth lines.

Grow Into It is an album about the aging process and growth,” Leel says in a press release. “Lyrically, I wanted to write an album about getting older that was an antithesis of the overdone trope of male bands singing about rejecting adulthood and wanting to stay young and get wasted with their friends forever. Instead, Grow Into It is about finding light and freedom in age and finding autonomy in death.”

The new song comes attached to a music video directed by Jack Barraclough that finds the trio playing in an orange-backed room while smearing paint around and making a mess of things.

Watch and listen below.

01 “My Friends”
02 “Labour Like I Do”
03 “One At A Time”
04 “Team Spirit”
05 “But It All Looks The Same”
06 “Heated”
07 “Motivates Me”
08 “Even Fiction”
09 “Cathy”
10 “Here In The Dirt”

Grow Into It is out 9/28 via Big Scary Monsters/Topshelf Records.