Stream Thou Rhea Sylvia EP

Louisiana doom-sludge cult heroes Thou are having a busy summer. The band’s had a fairly expansive project going: Three different EPs, on three different labels, in three mostly-different styles of music, all leading up to the August release of their long-awaited full-length Magus, which itself is coming out on a fourth label. We’ve already heard The House Primordial, which was made up almost entirely of seething noise, and Inconsolable, which was quieter and more focused on acoustic instruments. Today, the band comes out with the new EP Rhea Sylvia.

Rhia Sylvia, the third of the three EPs, is the grunge one. That’s not to say that it sounds like Seven Mary Three or anything. This is still a Thou EP, and it’s still full of throat-shredding roars and scuzzed-out guitar noise. But it’s more dependent on melody, slow-trudge riffage, and creeped-out atmosphere than their other recent records.

We’ve already posted the band’s cover of Crowbar’s “The Lasting Dose.” But the whole EP — which spans half an hour, longer than plenty of albums — is full of compelling swamp-drone intensity. It is worth your time, and you can stream it below.

The Rhea Sylvia EP is out now on Deathwish, Inc.

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