Mac DeMarco Takes Japan With Guest Egg Shaker Post Malone

Mac Demarco and Post Malone are the chillers of the music world. And also the bums. I’ve been dreaming of this pairing ever since I came across that Twitter photo of them together last year at YouTuber Hila Klein’s birthday party. The two dirtbag kings seem to be genuinely friendly with each other, and now they can officially (if barely) be deemed musical collaborators as well.

Over the weekend, during DeMarco’s show at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival, he brought out Post for a very important role. The scene: DeMarco and his band are covering the ’60s novelty croon “Sukiyaki” by Kyu Sakamoto (as recently revisited in our column The Number Ones). It’s going well enough but seems to be suffering from a lack of auxiliary percussion. Fortunately, out saunters Post with a tiny egg shaker in hand — chart-topping hit-makers of yesterday and today coming together courtesy of McBriare Samuel Lanyon DeMarco.

I wish I could tell what color the egg shaker is. Post is holding a beer. There’s a cigarette in his mouth, and a Supreme fanny pack strapped around his chest. What more can you ask for? Watch the glorious mayhem below via Pitchfork.

The only question left is how Logic possibly ended up with a Mac DeMarco tattoo before Post Malone did.