Travis Scott Addresses Amanda Lepore’s Absence From Astroworld Cover

Travis Scott dropped his much-anticipated Astroworld last week. Ahead of the album’s release, Scott teased its cover art with two images of a twisted carnival. One of the David LaChappelle-shot covers features near-nude models and the other features children. Transgender model and performance artist Amanda Lepore was supposed to be on the former cover, but was inexplicably left out, sparking accusations of transphobia.

Lepore wrote on Instagram on Thursday, “I’m curious why I’m not on the picture…Upstaged everyone in the photograph.” Yesterday, Scott responded in a tweet: “ASTROWORLD IS ABOUT LOVE AND EXPRESSION AND NOT HATE…I have nothing but respect for the LGBTQ community…Yo Amanda you did upstage everyone even me.” He adds that there will be a booklet including all of the images. Lepore shared his apology on Instagram and wrote, “nothing but LOVE for @travisscott and @david_lachapelle.” Read the full apology below.

Astroworld is out now.