Lindstrøm – “Blinded By The LEDs”

Norwegian producer and space-disco magician Hans-Peter Lindstrøm is back today with a new track, “Blinded By The LEDs.” In 2017, Lindstrøm put out his fifth album, It’s Alright Between Us As It Is, which at the time was his first solo release in five years. Since then, we’ve heard “Didn’t Know Better,” a seven-minute single and collab with Nottingham DJ Ronika.

The new track “Blinded By The LEDs” — a reference to both Bruce Springsteen and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band — kaleidoscopes funk, disco, and other forms of dance music into a bouncy track that builds slowly into a full-on spacey jam. It was commissioned to preview Lindstrøm’s performances this month celebrating the 50th anniversary of Oslo modern art gallery and live venue Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, which will take place 8/23, 8/25, and 8/26. At these sold-out gigs, Lindstrøm will do an entirely analog performance of over 10 songs using more than 20 analog synthesizers and drum machines, with visual backing.

That sounds cool, but most of us will have to settle for the thrills of “Blinded By The LEDs.” Hear it below.

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