Thou – “The Changeling Prince” Video

Louisiana swamp-metal warlords Thou are getting ready for the main event. Thus far this summer, they’ve released three EPs — all on different labels, all focusing on different aspects of their sound. (There was the grimy noise attack The House Primordial, the largely acoustic meditation Inconsolable, and the grunge-influenced wallow Rhea Sylvia.) All this is leading up to the release of Magus, the heavily anticipated new full-length album coming later this month. And now Thou have shared their video for “The Changeling Prince,” that album’s monolithic eight-minute lead single.

Director Mitch Wells’ clip takes place at a grimy, eerie New Orleans show. The members of the band are made up to look way more goth than they were when I saw them last year. (One of them rocks a Skrillex haircut and a Hannibal Lecter mask, which is a very strong look.) As the show goes on, it starts to take on a Village Of The Damned quality.

Of the video, Wells says:

We shot this video on the hottest day of summer in a small room in New Orleans with one, barely working, AC unit. We want to thank all the punks, hunks, and freaks who came out to help us get this done. Every person in the crowd was important, and we more than appreciate them putting up with the heat, our lack of competence, and listening to the same song all day long.

Here’s the clip:

The Changeling Prince is out 8/31 on Sacred Bones.

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