Steve Perry Shares First New Song In 24 Years

Steve Perry Shares First New Song In 24 Years

Steve Perry sang for Journey during that band’s years of ridiculous commercial dominance, from 1977 to 1987 (and then again for a few years in the late ’90s). But despite his status as one of the great iconic howlers of classic rock, Perry has kept a low profile in recent years. Lately, though, Perry has been coming back into the world. He’s taken to making surprise appearances onstage alongside California studio-poppers the Eels. Last year, he briefly reunited with Journey during their Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction. And a couple of days ago, he teased some music. Today, we get to hear that music for real.

Perry has just announced that he’ll release a new solo album called Traces this fall. It’ll be his first solo album since 1994’s For The Love Of Strange Medicine. Perry co-produced the album alongside Thom Flowers, and it includes a cover of the Beatles’ “I Need You.”

Today, Perry has also shared a video for “No Erasin’,” his first new solo single in a couple of decades. The song turns out to be a big and totally unashamed studio-rocker. It’s mostly powered by Perry’s voice, which remains magnificent, and by a majestic chorus that would sound totally at home on classic-rock radio. In the video, we see Perry in the studio, hitting those bigass notes. Below, check out the video, as well as the Traces tracklist and what Perry has to say about his return.

Perry says:

Putting 30 years into 10 songs has certainly been an emotional experience for me. I started writing and recording these songs with the creative freedom that I was the only one who would ever hear them. Along the way, I rediscovered my love for music. Each track represents traces of my past, but is also a hopeful look into the future. I invite you to listen with an open heart.

01 “No Erasin’”
02 “We’re Still Here”
03 “Most Of All”
04 “No More Cryin’”
05 “In The Rain”
06 “Sun Shines Gray”
07 “You Belong To Me”
08 “Easy To Love”
09 “I Need You”
10 “We Fly”

Traces is out 10/5.

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