Phil Collins Is Open To A Genesis Reunion With His Son On Drums

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Phil Collins said another Genesis tour might be possible with one stipulation: his son Nicholas would have to come along to drum. Collins suffers from nerve damage that makes it hard for him to walk, let alone drum, but he headed out on the road again last year for his ongoing Not Dead Yet! tour, and Nicholas was the featured drummer.

“I wouldn’t say there isn’t not a possibility,” Collins said when asked whether or not he’d consider a Genesis reunion. “Me, Mike [Rutherford] and Tony [Banks] are pretty close still. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I didn’t play the drums, but anything is possible.”

Collins said that Banks and Rutherford thought Nicholas was a great drummer when they saw him play with his dad on the Not Dead Yet! tour. That being said, Collins isn’t calling this one quite yet. “I’m saying this to you … I haven’t really said it to Tony and Mike. I did mention to Tony very quietly if we did anything again it would be with Nic on drums. He kind of didn’t say no. But I’m not sure if he heard me or not.”

Genesis haven’t toured since their Turn It On Again reunion, which ended 11 years ago.