Joyce Manor – “Think I’m Still In Love With You” Video

Joyce Manor’s Cody follow-up album Million Dollars To Kill Me is out next month, and today we get its second single following the title track.

“Think I’m Still In Love With You” is a musclebound pop-punk track about the thrills and perils of long-term romantic commitment. It’s the sort of short, sweet burst of poppy guitar music this band does so well. “And even if it isn’t right/ I still gotta put up a fight,” Barry Johnson sings. “You could leave me black and blue/ I think I’m still in love with you.” Whether this impulse is admirable is left to the listener’s interpretation.

The song’s power is amplified significantly by the very cool music video that debuts today as well. Veteran video director Christopher Good is behind the camera for this one. Essentially, the clip is a three-minute short film starring Joyce Manor frontman Barry Johnson and actress Andreina Byrne as lovers living through a series of make-or-break moments in their relationship. These are presented in surreal fashion that flashes me back to Michel Gondry’s heyday, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind in particular. The ending strikes a perfect balance of silliness and heart-wrenching emotion. Check it out below.

Million Dollars To Kill Me is out 9/21 on Epitaph. Pre-order it here.