Joyce Manor – “Million Dollars To Kill Me”

California punks Joyce Manor have just announced their new record Million Dollars To Kill Me. Produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou, it’s set to be their fifth full-length effort following 2016’s critically-lauded and Album Of The Week winner Cody. And today they’re premiering the title track along with a karaoke-style lyric video.

Cody was Joyce Manor’s blow-up album. It was melodic and poppier and instantly more accessible. Their energetically jagged edges had been polished. “Million Dollars To Kill Me” feels the same way. They aren’t bashing, they’re reckoning with love earnestly and with lots of room to breathe. The song carries their usual emo sadness in pointed lines like “You’re an asshole from a bar on a break in a break room/ And you’re never happy.” Its simplicity lingers even after the song ends.

The crux of the track fixates on this idea that “nobody tells you it hurts to be loved.” Joyce Manor are really good at writing sad songs. Listen below and check out the Million Dollars To Kill Me tracklist.

01 “Fighting Kangaroo”
02 “Think I’m Still In Love  With You”
03 “Big Lie”
04 “I’m Not The One”
05 “Million Dollars To Kill Me”
06 “Silly Games”
07 “Friends We Met Online”
08 “Up the Punx”
09 “Gone Tomorrow”
10 “Wildflowers”

Million Dollars To Kill Me is out 9/21 via Epitaph.

CREDIT: Dan Monick
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