Watch Travis Scott Perform With James Blake At The 2018 VMAs

With Astroworld, Travis Scott has the #1 album in America for the second straight week, much to Nicki Minaj’s chagrin. Despite the chart triumph, he was supposed to sit behind Minaj at the VMAs tonight, so he asked to be moved to a different section of Radio City Music Hall to spare himself the indignity.

Also: He brought rapper-beloved genius James Blake along for a performance of Astroworld highlight “Stop Trying To Be God” — the one with the wild music video. The performance started with album opener “Stargazing,” a recent top-10 hit, with Scott appearing to soar in a cart reading “Look Mom I Can Fly.” Then Blake showed up to sing his part on “Stop Trying To Be God.” After that, Scott swooped back in to perform part of the album’s biggest hit, “Sicko Mode,” though Drake didn’t show up to do his verse about sleeping on an international flight.

When all was said and done, Scott shouted, “Rest in peace the Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin! Astroworld #1 right now! VMAs make some noise!” Watch below.