Watch Travis Scott Join Drake At Homecoming Show

Nicki Minaj is now the only member of the old Young Money crew having trouble with touring plans. Just ask Gudda Gudda! Or ask Drake, who had to postpone his big arena tour with Migos a few times. More recently, Drake also pushed back the first night of his three-night stand in his Toronto hometown. But Drake finally did manage to hit the Scotiabank Arena last night, and he had a big guest with him.

Recent Nicki Minaj adversary Travis Scott was in the building, and the two of them joined forces to perform “Sicko Mode,” the best song from Scott’s crazy-huge new album Astroworld. Scott also stuck around long enough to do “Goosebumps,” which is basically his signature song at this point. For those of us who are generally baffled at Scott’s overwhelming popularity, videos of him performing help tell the story. Even when Scott’s not recklessly stagediving or riding around on mechanical eagles, those songs are anthemic enough to make entire arenas full of kids lose their minds.

The fan-made video of Drake and Scott performing together isn’t great, but it does give some sense of the general pandemonium in the room. Check it out below.

This fall’s big Travis Scott tour is going to be something to see.