Colleen Green – “I Wanna Be Ignored”

Just yesterday I was bumping Colleen Green’s 2015 instant classic I Want To Grow Up, and let me tell you, that album has stood the test of time — if you can make such a statement after only three years. Only three years feels like a weird way to describe the interim considering how impatiently I’ve been waiting for Green to give that record a proper follow-up.

I’m not sure whether Casey’s Tape / Harmontown Loops is that, exactly, but it’s her first widely available full-length collection since I Want To Grow Up dropped. The project combines re-recorded tracks from Green’s 2016 cassette EP with new material including “Let Go,” which premiered here earlier this month. Another one of the new songs, “I Wanna Be Ignored,” arrived today via Billboard.

The Ramones-alluding track scans as Green’s attempt at dance music. Disco-punk drums and bass plus video-game keyboards pave the way for airy vocals about her desire to be left alone. So even though it’s a very different sounding Colleen Green song, topically it’s right in her wheelhouse. I’m guessing it’s not about her experience being deported from Australia last year, but you could certainly imagine that it is. Have a listen below.

Casey’s Tape / Harmontown Loops is out 9/7 on Infinity Cat and is available for pre-order here.