Stream House Of Feelings’ New Album New Lows

For the last couple years, New York City-based dance collective House Of Feelings have released a string of singles, including last year’s Last Chance EP, that pull from the legacies of dance and house music from decades past. It’s a collaborative project at heart, built around producers Matty Fasano, Joe Fassler, and Dale Eisinger, and at the end of the week they’re putting out their first full-length release, New Lows.

We’ve heard a couple songs from it already — the Meredith Graves-featuring “Touchscreen” and the Soft Ethnic-featuring “Cry For Help” — and the rest of the album boasts guest spots from Shamir, EULA’s Alyse Lamb, Denitia, and NOIA. All those voices are at the center of some truly immaculate dance tracks.

Stream New Lows in its entirety below.

New Lows is out 8/31. Pre-order it here.