Richard Thompson – “My Rock, My Rope”

Richard Thompson – “My Rock, My Rope”

Richard Thompson’s new album, 13 Rivers, will be out next month. The album follows Thompson’s 2015 release, Still, which was produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. We’ve already heard two singles off of 13 Rivers: “The Storm Won’t Come” and “Bones Of Gilead.”

13 Rivers was recorded in 10 days, which lends a particular urgency to Thompson’s delivery. His latest single, “My Rock, My Rope,” is a message of resiliency. “Sometimes life gets a little overwhelming, and we know we need help. You could think of this as addressed to a fellow human being or a higher being, I don’t mind which,” Thompson says.

“My Rock, My Rope” seeks some sort of light in the darkness. “In my cloud of illusion/ Give me some way I can steer/ Through the shores/ and the shipwrecks/ ‘Til I see my way is clear,” Thompson sings. Listen to “My Rock, My Rope” below.

13 Rivers is out 9/14 on New West/Proper Records.

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