Gouge Away – “Ghost”

Next month, the Florida hardcore band Gouge Away will slap us all upside our collective head. That’s when the band will release their sophomore album Burnt Sugar. The new album is a leap up from their DIY beginnings, and it features some prominent co-conspirators. They’re releasing it on Deathwish, Inc., the label founded by Converge frontman Jacob Bannon. They co-produced it with Jeremy Bolm, frontman of Touché Amoré, and Deafheaven collaborator Jack Shirley mixed it. All that is cool, but Gouge Away themselves are the real reason to pay attention.

We’ve already posted the album’s opener “Only Friend,” and it’s a ripper. Today, they’ve shared the new song “Ghost,” and it’s another ripper. This one is a bit slower and dirgier, but it still kicks hard, with a riff that recalls the wild-eyed fervor of prime Girls Against Boys. As with “Only Friend,” the band finds room for some heavy dynamic shifting within the context of present-day hardcore. And I think there’s some harmonica in there? There might be some harmonica in there.

“Ghost” is one more exciting song from a very exciting band, and it’s got me amped up for when this album comes out. Maybe you’ll feel the same. Check it out below.

Burnt Sugar is out 9/28 on Deathwish, Inc.

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