Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam – “All The Way Over The Edge (Bros Don’t Talk About Anything)”

Psychedelic punks Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam don’t seem to struggle with writer’s block. In the last few years, the Birmingham, UK five-piece have written over 100+ songs and released them on Bandcamp, where you can find their self-titled album and several EPs. Their upcoming LP, Blackout Cowboy, distills the last few years into eight new songs. Today they’re sharing their first single off of the album.

“All The Way Over The Edge (Bros Don’t Talk About Anything)” is psyched-out spin on the neurotic power pop of early Weezer and the sprawling guitar rock of Titus Andronicus (generous gang vocals, too). There’s a lot of fuzz, but SFL have a knack for writing strong melodies that cut through to the surface via catchy hooks and instrumental flourishes. You can hear a breakdown around 1:44 that’s a pretty good example. When you’re listening to this, everything feels massive and urgent but it never takes itself too seriously, thanks to some darkly funny lyrics.

Singer-guitarist Pete Dixon explains the song’s genesis:

This was one of the last songs we demoed I think about a week in advance of the last recording session. Musically the riff and verse was inspired by Jo Passed and Palm whom I’ve been really enjoying recently.

Lyrically this was really personal, I have struggled with depression for a while now and been in some really dark places, I spoke to my male friends about what I had been going through and I was surprised how much everyone opened up to me about their own feelings and how they dealt with it day to day. I think the male condition stops us from sharing emotions we tend to either make light of things or brush it off completely — typically men don’t talk about our feelings until it’s too late.

Check out “All The Way Over The Edge (Bros Don’t Talk About Anything)” below. It’s really good.

Blackout Cowboy is out 11/9 on By The Time It Gets Dark. Pre-order it here.