Fever Ray Cancels Tour

Last year, Karin Dreijer, former of the Knife, reactivated her old solo project Fever Ray and came out with the stark, overwhelming sophomore album Plunge. And earlier this year, she returned to the stage, playing her first Fever Ray show in more than seven years. She’s been on tour most of this year, traveling North America and Europe. But today, Dreijer announced that she’s cancelled the rest of this year’s Fever Ray shows, citing escalating anxiety.

Fever Ray didn’t have that many shows remaining this year. There were five planned shows left, including sets at the Pitchfork Music Festival Paris and the Iceland Airwaves Festival. As Pitchfork reports, Dreijer has issued a statement explaining the cancellation. Here’s what she says:

Many of you know already that I’ve been struggling with general anxiety and panic attacks for a long time. For seven years I did not enter the stage, for five years I did not enter an airplane. It is a disorder that always lurks in the shadows that I have had to work carefully with and around, and that I never really know when it will strike or how much it will affect me. I am very thankful for the past seven months, that I have been able to tour and to meet you wonderful and amazing people. The last month though has been rough and my anxiety has started to escalate. I will now have to take a break from touring to take care of myself and restore my health. We are canceling the forthcoming shows this autumn. It is a difficult decision because I love my band and my crew, and I am so grateful for the love we have received from all of you while when doing this show. Hope to see you soon.

When you think about it, it’s amazing that anyone ever gets up onstage in front of people to do anything.

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