Kanye West & Chance The Rapper Are Recording Together

Back in June, Chance The Rapper teased possible plans to record an album with Kanye West — maybe one of the seven-track mini-albums that West spent much of this year recording and releasing. They have a good track record together, certainly; Chance’s verse on West’s “Ultralight Beam” was one of the best in Chance’s career and in West’s recent years. Chance said he was planning to work with West in July. July has come and gone, and we haven’t heard any new music yet. But it looks as though they’re at work together right this very minute.

This morning on Twitter, West posted a short video, writing, “We had to chop this up for Michael’s birthday.” (Michael Jackson would’ve turned 60 yesterday.) In the video, we see an amped-up West working on a sample from Michael’s isolated vocals, taken from the Jackson 5’s 1971 hit “Never Can Say Goodbye.” In the background, we can see Chance, who looks happy.

Talking to news reporters yesterday, West said, “I came home to work with Chance on his new album.” And yesterday, the Team Kanye Daily twitter posted a shot of West, Chance, and Zaytoven in the studio together, wearing the same clothes they’re wearing in that video:

These guys work fast, so maybe we’ll get music sometime soon.