Thom Yorke Teases New Music, Probably From Suspiria

This fall, we’ll finally get to see Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria, the remake of Dario Argento’s inanely ominous 1978 horror-movie mood piece. The new Suspiria is the first movie ever to feature a score from Thom Yorke, who appears to be following in his Radiohead bandmate Jonny Greenwood’s footsteps. And now we have a few more ideas of how that movie might look and sound.

Back in June, Amazon Studios shared a quick teaser preview of Suspiria. But now, the studio has released a full-length trailer for the movie, as well as a short scene of a group of dancers improvising on a scene together. Suspiria tells the story of a coven of witches who live in a ballet school, preying on their students, and the trailer and scene both pulse with danger. The music we can hear is a combination of icy, pretty piano tones and dark synthetic drones. Here’s the trailer and the scene:

Meanwhile, this morning, Yorke posted a quick and context free 30-second clip of music on Twitter. It’s accompanied by a distorted image of a woman dancing, so it’s presumably from the Suspiria score. In this case, the music is a florid and pretty piano instrumental. Here it is:

Suspiria is in theaters 11/2.