New Sade Song Will Be Featured In Steve McQueen’s Widows

Earlier this year, Sade released her first new song in 7 years, “Flower Of The Universe,” for the A Wrinkle In Time soundtrack. And it looks like the next time we here for her will also be in a movie. As the Los Angeles Times reports, a new Sade song called “The Big Unknown” will serve as the end credits track for Steve McQueen’s new thriller Widows.

The film will be released in theaters on 11/16, though it’s premiering next weekend as part of the Toronto International Film Festival on 9/8.

Widows is McQueen’s follow-up to 12 Years A Slave and was written by McQueen and Gillian Flynn, the author of Sharp Objects and Gone Girl. It’s an adaptation of a ’80s UK TV show.

“It was an honour to work with such a legend. Sade is an incomparable talent and incredible artist who so rarely releases new material, but luckily the original series of Widows had deeply resonated with her,” McQueen said in a statement to the Times.

A few months back, Sade’s longtime collaborator Stuart Matthewman let it slip in an interview that Sade was working on a new album.

Here’s a trailer for the film: