Dilly Dally – “Doom”

Next week, Dilly Dally are releasing their sophomore album, Heaven, the follow-up to their fearsome 2015 debut, Sore. They’ve shared two tracks from it so far — “I Feel Free” and “Sober Motel” — and today they’re back with a third single, “Doom.”

The song stays true its title, playing out like a billowing black cloud of sweltering menace. It circles around itself like a tornado, Katie Monks’ rasp repeating the same handful of phrases while the band’s intense drumming and heavy hand quivers and releases around her. “Riding home on this dark energy/ First you take the light, then you hold it,” she sings. “Remember who you are/ Don’t let it cut through/ What’s inside you/ It’s…” Her last word is swallowed up in a sneer.

Listen below.

Heaven is out 9/14 via Partisan. Pre-order it here.

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