Dilly Dally – “I Feel Free” Video

Back in 2015, Dilly Dally busted out of their hometown of Toronto with a hooky, heavy rock album called Sore. The LP featured stand-out tracks like “Desire,” “Purple Rage,” and “Ballin Chain,” and the band caught a lot of buzz playing them at SXSW. Lead singer Katie Monks is blessed with a howl that churns your stomach and tugs at your heartstrings at the same time, whether she’s singing about lusting after someone on “Green” or covering Drake’s “Know Yourself.”

Today, Dilly Dally announced that their sophomore album, Heaven, will be out in September. Lead single “I Feel Free” comes with a video directed by Monks and Adam Seward. In the clip, Monks digs her bandmates out of a grave and proceeds to drag them across a field, willing them back to life. This is Dilly Dally’s resurrection, and a press release mentions that the band almost called it quits after Sore. Instead, they ascended to Heaven.

“I Feel Free” is an urgent song that asks more questions that it answers. “Still couldn’t be friends but I want you to find what might make sense,” Monks mutters on the chorus. In true Dilly Dally fashion, this song starts off slow and sweet before it reaches a clangorous, cathartic climax. Watch the video for “I Feel Free” and check out the Heaven tracklist below.

01 “I Feel Free”
02 “Doom”
03 “Believe”
04 “Sober Motel”
05 “Sorry Ur Mad”
06 “Marijuana”
07 “Pretty Cold”
08 “Bad Biology”
09 “Heaven”

Heaven is out 9/14 via Partisan. Pre-order it here.

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