Fiona Apple Pays Tribute To Mac Miller

You never know who loves and respects you. In the case of rapper Mac Miller, who died Friday from a drug overdose at age 26, some unexpected tributes are beginning to pour in. Earlier today we saw Sir Elton John dedicate a song to Miller at his farewell tour kickoff, and now here’s an emotional video message from none other than Fiona Apple.

Apple, it seems, met Miller once in a small group setting and found him to be a delightful person. In the video, she explains that she wishes she’d gotten his number, kept in touch, and even made music with him. That seems like it could have really happened given that, as Apple mentions, her longtime collaborator Jon Brion was heavily involved in the production of Miller’s final album Swimming.

Here’s what Apple had to say:

I just wanted to say that I’m very sad about Mac Miller dying. I don’t know why I feel like I need to express this publicly, but I guess I’m just realizing how great he was. ‘Cause I only met him once. It was like for a few hours, and it was a small group of people, but I really, really, really liked him. And I wanted to stay friends with him, and I never got his number. And I remember that we were talking about music, and I remember that he was talking about how much he loved Jon Brion. And now I just found out that Jon produced his last record. So I’m going to go listen to that and keep him alive that way. I wish I could’ve made music with him. He’s a really good soul — and he’s still around, I hope.

Watching her deliver the monologue is quite moving, and I’d suggest you do that below.

Additionally, Apple submitted these comments to the fan Tumblr called Fiona Apple Rocks:

Hey— so I heard about Mac Miller’s death and I was very sad.
I met him and hung out with him once,for a few hours in a small group of people,and I found him to be so sweet and genuine and smart and tender and kind.
I had never heard of him before I met him and then right after,I went home and saw him on tv so I took this picture,meaning to send it to him,but I didn’t have his number.
It’s a big damn shame.I would have loved to hang out with him again.

The Tumblr also recirculated Miller’s recent NPR Tiny Desk Concert, presumably at Apple’s request. It seems like he really made an impact on her!