Cloud Nothings – “Leave Him Now”

The new Cloud Nothings album Last Building Burning is every bit as intense as lead single “The Echo Of The World” led us to believe — which is awesome news because this band is at its best when bashing our eardrums in with brute force.

“Leave Him Now,” the album’s second advance track, sounds just as combustible. Every barked lyric, every stab of guitar, and especially every pummeling of the drums lands with such visceral power that you may wonder if they’re working with Steve Albini again. (They aren’t, they’ve just figured out how to make every song hit like a home run.)

This time Dylan Baldi’s fury has a compassionate bent: He’s urgently pleading with a friend to depart an abusive relationship before things get worse. We begin with a chiming array of guitar sounds almost like sirens, and then it’s off to the races. When things come to a head, Baldi doesn’t mince words: “You gotta leave, leave, leave/ Leave him now!” Listen below.

Last Building Burning is out 10/19 on Carpark. Pre-order it here.