Emily A. Sprague – “Piano 2 (Mount Vision)”

Late last year, Florist’s Emily A. Sprague released a really great ambient album, Water Memory. It’s very calming and soothing, and it’s become one of my go-to albums to put on while reading, which means I probably listen to it four or five times a week. (Yes, I read!)

Sprague’s just announced another new album, Mount Vision, and where that first album felt inspired by the stillness of the Catskills Mountains, where Sprague used to live, this new one was recorded in northern California, precipitated by her recent-ish move to Los Angeles.

It was recorded last week and will come out at the end of this one. She’s sharing a selection from it in advance, called “Piano 2 (Mount Vision),” that’s a gorgeous swath of looping pianos and synthesizers and nature sounds. You can listen to it below.

Mount Vision is out 9/22. Pre-order it here.