Emily A. Sprague (Florist) – “Water Memory 1″

Earlier this year, Emily Sprague released a new album with her folk project Florist, If Blue Could Be Happiness, and she’s just announced that she’ll be releasing an ambient album under the name Emily A. Sprague in a couple weeks. “Water Memory began as an imagination of the feelings that are floating through the natural world around us,” reads the album’s Bandcamp description. “It morphed and cycled and gained memories of my own which are now contained like those in all bodies.” The first selection we’re hearing from the album, “Water Memory 1,” is a calming, meditative loop that sounds like the gentle lapping of a lake. Listen to it below.

01 “A Lake”
02 “Water Memory 1″
03 “Water Memory 2″
04 “Dock”
05 “Your Pond”

Water Memory is out 12/21. Pre-order it here. Sprague will be playing next year’s Moogfest.