The Dodos – “SW3″ Video

Certainty Waves, the upcoming Dodos album, has already given us one really cool single, “Forum.” And now, with the release of “SW3″ today, it’s also generated an excellent music video. (Actually, “Forum” got a pretty cool video too, but that one didn’t have swords.)

Although singer-guitarist Meric Long calls Certainty Waves “our midlife crisis record,” this latest single strikes me as classic Dodos: frenetic and genre-less, echoing Animal Collective’s feral hallucinations but scrubbed-up and racing at a rapid clip, punctuated by skronking outbursts from some much noisier song.

For its video, director Ryan Daniel Browne takes us to a martial arts class where the student is on her way to becoming the master. Although Browne originally intended to film the martial artists practicing in a park, Shaolin teenager Queena Tran and friends surprised Browne by choreographing an entire fight scene. Enjoy!

Certainty Waves is out 10/12 on Polyvinyl. Pre-order it here.

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