Cameron Crowe Is Adapting Almost Famous Into A Musical

Cameron Crowe is adapting Almost Famous into a musical, as Rolling Stone reports. The 2000 film is a fictionalized account of Crowe’s experience as a journalist with Rolling Stone in the ’70s, and Crowe won an Oscar for it for Best Original Screenplay.

Crowe has been working on the musical for the last few years. Jeremy Herrin will direct the show and the music is being written by Tom Kitt, who also did the music for American Idiot and Next To Normal, with lyrics by Kitt and Crowe.

“I remember the first day of filming Almost Famous,” Crowe said to Rolling Stone. “We were standing in downtown San Diego, shooting a scene with Phillip Seymour Hoffman on the very same street where I’d first met Lester Bangs. It felt surreal. It felt like a miracle. I called a friend of mine and said, ‘How did I get here?’ He laughed and said, ‘Enjoy it, this won’t happen again.’ The current miracle is that the feeling is coming alive again.”

Here’s a clip of some music in progress that Crowe shared on Twitter:

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