Watch Beck & Jenny Lewis Cover Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” At Red Rocks

Watch Beck & Jenny Lewis Cover Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” At Red Rocks

Beck has been touring hard lately, and he’s been doing it without a fixed opening act. And he’s got a cool new thing going. On many of his recent shows, he’ll invite his opening act (or maybe just a friend) to the stage, and they’ll sing a song or two. In the past few weeks, he’s sung onstage duets with people like Julian Casablancas, Spoon’s Britt Daniel, and Phoenix’ Thomas Mars. And last night, Beck and his fellow LA fixture Jenny Lewis sang a Neil Young song together.

Lewis and Beck’s paths have crossed plenty of times before, and last night was one onstage Beck/Lewis team-up among many. Back in July, at the same show where Britt Daniel showed up, Beck and Lewis sang “Girl Dreams,” a song from Beck’s semi-obscure 1995 album One Foot In The Grave. Last night, though, they sang a song that a whole lot more people probably know: “Harvest Moon,” Neil Young’s sweet and tender 1992 lullaby. (Linda Ronstadt sang the backing vocals on “Harvest Moon,” and you could probably make an argument that Beck and Jenny Lewis aren’t that different from Neil Young and Linda Ronstadt.)

The Beck/Lewis version of “Harvest Moon” was soft and ramshackle, and their harmonies never quite matched up. But it’s still fun to see two gifted people playing a song that they love. Here’s a fan-made video of the duet:

Stay tuned to see who Beck sings with next time.

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