St. Vincent – “Slow Slow Disco”

St. Vincent – “Slow Slow Disco”

The penultimate track on St. Vincent’s great 2017 pop move MASSEDUCTION was a string-laden swoon called “Slow Disco.” Back in June, Annie Clark released a new version of the song called “Fast Slow Disco” that lived up to its name, turning a previously percussion-free song into a surging house-pop track. She gave it an orgiastic video to match. And now a third version of “Slow Disco” has emerged.

This latest rendition is called “Slow Slow Disco.” It returns the song to its stripped-down original state, but this time, instead of ethereal keyboard sounds, it’s founded in spare, elegant piano. The strings are back, too, but it seems less like a Bjork tribute and more like a classy lounge act. On YouTube, Clark writes, “Songs are living things. They grow, they evolve, they change their moods and personalities over time.” So here’s “Slow Disco” yet again shedding its skin.

Listen below.

“Slow Slow Disco” is out now. St. Vincent will do a DJ set at St. Vicious tonight at the Hollywood Bowl opening for Beck, whom she once helped to cover INXS’s Kick in full. (2010… it was a long time ago!)

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