Burial & Kode9 Release ‘Fabriclive 100′ Mix

Burial, the semi-reclusive creator of windswept and emotional downtempo dance music, does not release new things all that often. But he was so hyped up on Fabriclive 100, the new DJ mix that he made with fellow beat-music traveler Kode9 that he allowed us to see a second picture of his face. (Burial selfies are rare things indeed.) Fabriclive 100 is Burial and Kode9’s first team-up since 2010, when the two of them did a DJ set for the last episode of Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC Experimental show. And today, we get to hear it.

Burial and Kode9, it turns out, always like to be there for the ends of things. Fabriclive 100 is the final edition of the long-running mix series. As Resident Advisor points out, the new mix covers a lot of stylistic ground, digging into heady ambience and into old-school jungle and hardcore. There are 37 tracks in the mix, including music from people like DJ Rashad, Ben Frost, Mr. Fingers, RP Boo, Luke Slater, and Vladislav Delay.

Fabriclive 100 isn’t on the streaming services. But you can buy the mix at Fabric’s website, and you can also hear previews of the tracks.

Tags: Burial, Kode9