Kanye Gave Impromptu “Keynote Address” At DC Apple Store After White House Visit

Kanye West continued to orate his way through Washington, DC after his visit to the White House. Business Insider reports that after giving a 10-minute monologue and hugging Donald Trump in the Oval Office yesterday — a display that inspired some onlookers to scoff and caused longtime friends to disavow him — Kanye climbed onto a table at an Apple Store in Washington and gave an impromptu “keynote address.”

From a tabletop at the Georgetown Apple Store, Kanye excitedly told customers about the “Make America Great” hat he designed for Trump, explaining that he took issue with the phrase “Make America Great Again” as a black man. “It hurts us as people, specifically black people, the idea,” Kanye said, “because we say, ‘Was America ever great for us?’ So we made an updated hat that said ‘Make America Great.’ Trump wore the hat, so he is open to adjusting and listening.”

During his visit with Trump, Kanye mentioned Apple in the context of telling Trump he wanted to build an “iPlane” to replace Air Force One. According to Spin, the so-called “iPlane” was a 2012 master’s thesis by industrial designer Shabtai Hirshberg and had nothing to do with Apple. In remarks on Twitter the day after his Saturday Night Live performance, he called his Yeezy company an unofficial wing of Apple.

People at the store were reportedly left confused by Kanye’s speech. After wrapping it up, he reportedly told the crowd he was “going to Africa.” Watch footage of Kanye’s “keynote” below.