Disturbed Singer Removes His Signature Chin Piercings: “It Felt Weird Walking Around Like A 45-Year-Old Hot Topic Kid”

Disturbed singer David Draiman recently had his signature chin piercing removed, as Blabbermouth reports. In a new interview with the German publication Deutsche Welle, he said: “They’re kind of a pain in the butt, to be honest. It just felt kind of weird walking around like a 45-year-old Hot Topic kid. I just felt it was time.”

Draiman has been rocking his double labret piercing for more than two decades, though it has taken some different forms over the years. For a while, it looked like two half-hoop claws, but more recently it’s been a weird little chin necklace, as seen above.

Disturbed have a new album, Evolution, coming out at the end of the week. Earlier this year, a French Olympic team figure skated to a Disturbed song — maybe this is the start of a new family-friendly image for Disturbed?