Bad Religion – “The Profane Rights Of Man”

Southern California punk elders Bad Religion were legends 25 years ago, and they are still cranking out blistering and eloquent melodic hardcore bangers whenever the mood strikes them. It’s been five years since the release of True North, their last proper album, but they’re still good for a one-off when the time is right. And where Bad Religion’s music is concerned, the time is most certainly right.

A few months ago, Bad Religion came raging in with a new song called “The Kids Are Alt-Right.” And now they’ve followed that one up with a new joint called “The Profane Rights Of Man.” It’s based on a 1789 historical document that put forth the radical idea that all human beings were entitled to a few things — an idea that could stand to be revisited right about now. The song is a revved-up basher, just like so many Bad Religion songs before it, and it rules. This isn’t a band that needs to reinvent itself, you know?

Of the new song, frontman Greg Graffin says:

Since we’re a band that has a longstanding tradition of championing the Enlightenment, we wanted to emphasize that this document establishes that our society is based on a profane rather than a sacred theological justification for human rights. In sum, the song is about Bad Religion’s belief in a secular basis for the protection of human rights for all people.

Listen below:

“The Universal Rights Of Man” is out now.

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