Stream The New Album From Cass McCombs’ Band The Skiffle Players

The great enigmatic and shambolic singer-songwriter Cass McCombs has been cranking out albums into the universe for about a decade and a half, and I can’t remember him ever being in a band. Even on the early-’00s Baltimore DIY scene — a scene where solo artists basically did not exist — McCombs was a solo artist. But now he has a band, and his band has another album.

McCombs, who released his last proper album Mangy Love in 2016, has formed a crew called the Skiffle Players. McCombs is just one fifth of the band, alongside Neal Casal, Farmer Dave Scher, Aaron Sperske, and Dan Horne. (Casal was once one of Ryan Adams’ Cardinals, Scher and Sperske were in Beachwood Sparks, and I don’t know anything about Dan Horne.) Together, the band makes what it calls “acoustic dance music,” which works as a pretty good description of this band’s form of driving, focused, psych-rock.

The Skiffle Players quietly released an album called Skifflin’ in 2016, and now they’ve got a new one called Skiff. We posted the early song “Local Boy,” and as Brooklyn Vegan points out, the whole album is now streaming. Check it out below.

Skiff is out 10/26 on Spiritual Pajamas.