Stream Nice Try’s New Self-Titled Album

It’s been a little bit since Nice Try released their 2016 self-titled tape, and in that time the Bloomington, Indiana group have shared some one-offs, like “Glow” and “Restart,” which was featured on The Le Sigh’s last compilation, and this week they’ve returned with a brand-new full-length, also called Nice Try.

It’s a little more high-fidelity than their last one, which really lets the band’s songs breathe. They play a specific niche of ’90s-indebted soft punk that sounds just as good quiet as it does loud, but Madeline Robinson’s melodies unfurl beautifully with all that extra space. These songs have a way of jumbling and stumbling together like puzzle pieces; they’re gooey and fuzzy and fired-up, compact but with a lot bursting at the seams.

On the songs, Robinson is often concerned about what to say and how to say it, whether the people that need to hear what she has to say will really listen. “Am I allowed to feel crazy? Am I allowed to get angry? If I told you how I felt, if I told you everything, would you hate me?” she sings on one track. “I don’t have much to say/ I say it anyway and it is dumb,” she sings on closer “Relax.” “You left me and I don’t care because I’m just happy to be somewhere where I don’t feel like I’m wasting most of my time.”

Listen to the full album below.

Nice Try is out now.

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